Strength Over Time

For over a millennium masonry products have been used to create landmarks in great destinations around the world. The truth is that masonry design offers so much more than a resilient sustainable option. It evokes feeling. Ontario is no exception as many of the great character neighbourhoods are tied together with timeless masonry design.

Today, the way the masonry is applied is still relatively similar to how it was many years ago. However, design options with masonry have never been so abundant.


The Classic Façade:

The traditional masonry look is still desired by many home buyers and business owners. Manufacturers and suppliers in Ontario recognize this and can provide a wide range of timeless masonry products ranging from full bed stone to classic red clay brick.


The Rustic Look

Many manufactures now purposely design their masonry materials with defects. Tumbled brick can add an old rustic character to a uniquely modern look. Many architects and urban planners are using tumbled brick to match the character of heritage areas in a way that residents and visitors love.



There have never been more choices when designing with masonry. With an ever-evolving variety of shapes and colours modern masonry has become a staple for trendy new design looks.

Many Ontario manufacturers produce contemporary products which continue to change the perceptions of masonry design all the while maintaining the masonry character which is preferred by Ontario consumers.

We encourage you to visit our gallery to view masonry design being used around Ontario. Here you will see creative new ways brick, block and stone are being incorporated in to the design of new buildings.


Masonry materials remain the best option for sustainability, climate resilience, community safety and aesthetic values.