Advantages for Homeowners

Build Safer, More Valuable Homes with Masonry

Masonry products are among the oldest, longest-lasting and most versatile building materials available. It’s no surprise that most of the iconic and architecturally significant buildings in the world were built with brick, block or stone.” 

– Jack Prazeres, Past-President of MasonryWorx


A home is the single most expensive purchase most people will make, so it makes sense to invest in the structure itself to ensure it is still standing many years from now.

Studies show that 89% of homeowners prefer masonry on their home (“Benefits of Masonry Homes Make Sustainable Performance Affordable”)

When buying your home – and especially a new home – there are a lot of choices to make and options to consider. Although the focus is usually placed on interior finishings, MasonryWorx offers the following tips for new homebuyers looking to maximize their investment.



Choosing masonry materials – brick, block and stone – over other available cladding options offers a number of advantages including aesthetics, quality of life, superior fire performance, environmental benefits, and durability.

“Masonry offers many benefits in tangible costs, but homeowners also want the additional quality of life benefits of building with masonry—less street noise from neighbours with the greater peace of mind that comes with improved fire and extreme weather resistance. With small lot sizes and houses being built closer together, the advantages of masonry keep climbing.”

 Dante DiGiovanni, Past President of MasonryWorx


With the continued popularity of semi-detached and townhomes, sound insulation is high on new homebuyers’ priority list. Studies show noise can impact our overall well-being and cause annoyance, stress, and sleep disruptions. Masonry materials are extremely effective noise isolators, and if used to build any shared walls it means that you may like your neighbour – but you don’t have to like their music.


Research shows 1-in-10 Canadians have experienced a house fire. One way to reduce exposure to the risks and devastation of a fire is to choose masonry materials over other popular cladding and building materials. Unlike vinyl siding and stucco, masonry materials are non-combustible, will maintain structural stability and integrity, and do not produce toxic emissions. A masonry wall will prevent the spread of fire by containing the flames, increasing the likelihood of residents escaping harm.



Environmentally conscious homebuyers will be happy to know that a masonry home is a green home. Brick, block and stone are proven to provide energy savings of up to 13% by regulating temperature fluctuations and keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter, Masonry products maintain healthy air quality because they do not produce volatile organic compounds. And they are produced using local, renewable resources, so they can be salvaged and reused. [see: Environmental Advantages of Masonry]


Your home is part of the community, not just in your lifetime, but for generations to come. The durability and aesthetic qualities of the structure are key contributors to the place you live.

“Habitat for Humanity has made a conscious choice to clad the exterior of our homes with masonry. The product lasts a lifetime and beyond, which contributes to the durability of a building; is aesthetically pleasing for enhanced curb appeal; and requires virtually no maintenance, assisting the occupant in the care of their home.

 Neil Hetherington, CEO, Habitat for Humanity

Compared to alternative materials like vinyl siding and wood, masonry is tougher, more durable, and longer lasting. Masonry has a lifespan of 100 years or more, and resists mould, fire, water, and impact with little-to-no maintenance. Homes built with masonry materials offer a higher resale value, up to 6%, which means better return on your investment.

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Masonry is the right choice for many good reasons including the bottom line. Here’s why:

  • Higher resale value – Research shows that homes built with brick, block and stone have a higher resale value- 4-6% higher on average. That’s money every homeowner can use.
  • Significant cost savings – Masonry homes cost less to heat in the winter and to cool in the summer. Masonry does not require painting or washing, meaning home owners enjoy cost savings on low-maintenance homes. Many insurance companies offer discounts to owners of masonry-constructed homes.
  • Beauty and versatility – The beauty of masonry homes stand the test of time. With a wide range of colours, textures, shapes and sizes, masonry gives homeowners the flexibility to choose their own unique style. No other cladding has this versatility in design and flexibility.
  • Strength and durability – Masonry is strong and will not rot, corrode, warp or dent – even under the harshest weather conditions. Durable masonry products also provide an effective sound barrier to external noise.
  • A safe and healthy home – Masonry homes help keep families safe. They’re highly non-combustible, fire-resistant and help prevent the spread of fire to neighbouring buildings. Masonry products are not prone to toxic mould problems and emit smaller amounts of volatile organic compounds than any other building material, thus contributing to superior air quality.
  • Environmentally friendly – Masonry products are the original, sustainable, green products. Most of the materials they contain (including clay, limestone, sand, and gravel) are available in virtually inexhaustible supply. With a lower environmental impact than wood or steel, the energy used in manufacturing is lower than steel and the source of the raw material requires significantly less land (more easily reclaimed land) than forestry or iron ore mines.

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