Advantages for Architects and Engineers

Architects and engineers have tough jobs… and demanding clients. They know that a building that’s safer — and carries lower costs throughout its life cycle —means a happier client. It also means their unique legacy will be a source of pride for many years to come. Here’s why:

  • Better life cycle costing – Industry studies have proven that the life cycle costing of masonry products provides higher value for everyone.
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly buildings – Masonry products have significant environmental advantages. They are environmentally friendly, and they’re made from renewable, existing raw materials. That’s good for the environment… and it’s good for business. In addition, masonry contributes to high LEED performance and standards.
  • Less pressure on energy costs – Because of their high thermal properties, buildings built with masonry cost less to heat in winter and to cool in summer.
  • Safety – Ask your fire chief and you’ll hear that masonry construction is highly non-combustible, fire-resistant, and helps prevent the spread of fire from neighbouring buildings – minimizing the devastating impact fire can have on a community. Its inherent strength and integrity helps resist damage from high water pressure streams used by firefighters and impacts of collapsing debris and explosions that otherwise would permit fire to readily pass. Masonry is inherently strong and provides superior property and personal protection.

“Traditional cladding is always our first choice because of its durability, beauty and safety. When a home’s four walls are built from brick, we use this feature as a selling point because brick homes are higher quality homes than those built with other claddings.”

– Mr. Blanford Gates, Fleiss-Gates-McGowan-Easton Architects